• This year, I will be teaching three Language Arts blocks.  I have named them Red Team, Yellow Team, and Blue Team.  Each team will be taught the same concepts and materials; therefore, all assignments and information will be listed under “Class 1” on my website.  This is a great resource to check which assignments are due.


    Late work/ absences:

    Late work may only be turned in up to one week after the assigned due date. It will be docked one full letter grade for being late.  After one week, it will not be accepted for credit. If a student is absent, they have the number of days they are absent to make up their assigned work. For example, if an assignment is due on Wednesday and the student is absent for two days, they may turn the assignment in on Friday for full credit. If the assignment is turned in after Friday, it is late. 


    Retake tests:

    Students may retake any quiz or assessment one time. Once the original test has been passed back, they may not retake the test.  I encourage my students to check their grades on Power School each night, to see how their grades and assessment results. In Power School, each assessment will list the last day it make be retaken. Students need to use their original study materials and/or see me for additional study materials to prepare for their retake. Retakes should be taken during advisory. 


    Please sign up for the free Remind app to keep in touch about important events in language arts. 

    If your child is in period 1/2 (red group)- text @red7thg to 81010 or to (925) 308-9040

    If your child is in period 3/4 (yellow group)- text @c262hhc to 81010 or to (925) 308-9040

    If your child is in period 5/6 (blue group)- text @62a469 to 81010 or to (925) 308-9040