• The entire West Ada district has begun using the CPM Curriculum which focuses on Collaborative Learning, Problem-Based Learning, and Mixed, Spaced Review, the top three practices that not only help students better understand mathematical concepts but truly prepare them for the modern workforce which demands critical thinking, flexibility, and teamwork. 


    To access the ebook: ebooks.cpm.org

    To access the homework:

              CC2: homework.cpm.org/CC2

              CC3: homework.cpm.org/CC3

    For help:

              CC2: Parent Guide (CC2)

              CC3: Parent Guide (CC3)


    Course Description: This is the highly accelerated Honors track for middle school math. This course includes the Idaho Core content for 7th and 8th grade. Students will connect the concepts of unit rate, ratio, proportions and functions to describe and solve real world problems using linear equations and systems of linear equations. Students will extend their understanding of geometry to solve real world and mathematical problems involving scaling, angular measures, surface area and volume for all two and three dimensional figures. Students will extend their prior knowledge of statistics to sample, describe and compare two populations mathematically and build probability models. Entry into the middle school honors math track will result in the student starting their high school math transcript in their eighth grade year.