• Course Outline:

    Unit 1: Risk and Consequence

    This unit will focus on reading and using informational texts that share the theme of risk, choice, and consequence. They will use these readings to craft an argument.  We will also be focusing on PSAT vocabulary, writing structure, and preparing for the PSAT test in October. 

     Unit 2: Cultural Perspectives

    During the second quarter students will transition from informational text to narrative text in order to explore how cultural perspectives influence common experiences between classes, cultures, generations, and relationships. Students will read multiple multicultural short stories and informational texts to determine a definition of culture.  They will conduct research and engage in research writing, as well as write a narrative about a culture that they have researched.

     Unit 3: Leadership/Citizenship

    This unit will explore the balance of power that exists within different levels of society. Students will read Animal Farm by George Orwell and learn that individual ambitions may lead to a corruption of power and that citizens have a responsibility to take action when necessary. Furthermore, students will read primary source and historical non-fiction texts to analyze leadership qualities and understand how various leaders rise to, and maintain power. The focus of this unit will be crafting strong argumentative writing.

     Unit 4: Imaginative Literature

    This unit will build students ability to deeply analyze literature.  Students will read, annotate, writing about, and discuss poetry and poetic structure. The focus will be on word choice and expressing oneself through different mediums.  We will then read The Princess Bride by William Goldman and discuss writer’s craft.  We will conclude the semester by honing our own craft and writing a narrative.

Last Modified on April 22, 2019