Course Outline:

    Semester I:

    The first semester will include a variety of formative assessments to address reading comprehension, analyzing text, using evidence, writing a summary and proper grammar usage to get a baseline for every student. Students will use many different text structures (poetry, informational non-fiction articles, short stories, etc.) to be a spring board for writing a narrative and argumentative paper. Students will build their ability to deeply analyze literature through reading and annotating the novel The Martian (Classroom Edition) by Andy Weir. The first semester will also focus on preparing to take the PSAT (October 16th) and ISAT test (in the spring).

    Semester II:

    The second semester, students will focus on analyzing informational text and will focus on writing a well-researched argument and research paper. Students will read Animal Farm by George Orwell, “A Mid-summer Night Dream” by William Shakespeare play, and The Princess Bride by William Goldman to aide in developing skills of literary analysis, deciphering vocabulary in-context, and citing valid evidence from the text.

Last Modified on February 19, 2020