• Drawing & Painting Choice Project Rubric & Reflection

    Students will self-grade their May Remote Learning slef-selected project using this rubric and anwer one of three possible reflective questions.

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  • Recreate Great Artworks

    View PowerPoint for Assignment specifics and examples

    1.Choose a masterpiece to recreate.  Look for ideas in a museum website – not on Pintrest!

    2.Create a power point similar to this one (without all the instructions) and analyze your masterpiece according to the 4 Cs. To look up the context – enter the search words, “Critical Analysis of …… “ and you will find good info. (If you can’t find anything on the artwork you chose, it is not famous enough, so look for another masterpiece.)

    3.Set up a scene at home to “recreate” your masterpiece and photo it.  Pay attention to details.

    4.Add your picture to the powerpoint

    5.(Be sure to add the title, artist, and year of the painting)

    For this project you will need to upload a PowerPoint (or save a Google slide presentation as a .pdf) to the assignment in teams.

     Due: Sunday, April 19 at 11:59pm

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  • Inside-Out

    Assignment objective, vocabulary, reflection criteria and assessment rubric for the "Inside-Out" assignment.

    Grading Category: PROJECT

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  • Portfolio & Cover Design Assignment

    Assignment objective, vocabulary and assessment rubric for the portfolio cover design assignment.

    Grading Category: PROJECT

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