• Class Materials for Orchestra

    Students are required to bring to each class: 

    • Instrument and bow
    • 3 ring binder clearly labeled with the student's name (to hold their music)
    • Pencil
    • Accessories: Rosin, soft cleaning cloth, shouler rest (if needed, violins and violas), end pin stop (cellos and basses)

     Students not required, but strongly encouraged to bring: 

    • Music Books (see below) 

    Good idea:

    • An extra set of strings for your student's instrument. Strings get old, or sometimes students over-tighten them when learning to tune their instruments. When this (occasionally) happens, it can be a hassle trying to get to the music store right away. Especially if the string breaks 10 minutes before a concert. 
    • Clearly labeling your student's instrument case. Instrument cases generally look alike, so an easy way to identify an instrument is with a luggage tag. This is important so students know whose instrument is whose, and a forgotten instrument can come back to you quickly. Remember, a luggage tag without a name on it is not helpful for identification. 

    Bad idea: 

    • Unless you are a certified luthier (person who is trained to build and repair instruments) please do not attempt any repairs yourself. Always take the instrument to a professional or to the store where you rented/purchased it. If you are not sure, I will be happy to look at the instrument and let you know if it is something I can handle (like a broken string) or not (broken bridge, cracked wood, etc).
    • Purchasing an instrument online: Whenever possible, use a local business. They are honest and rely on positive word of mouth and generally are delighted to help you in any way possible. Online companies do not have this motivation. Be wary of purchasing an instrument unseen, it may end up costing a great deal of money in repairs.



    If you choose to purchase the books for your student, make sure you have the correct volume and the correct instrument. Also, please clearly label your student's book with their name.

    4th grade students use Essential Elements for Strings Book 1, and String Town Tunes.

    Essential Elements for Strings - Book 1 with EEi       String Town Tunes Cover

    5th grade students use Essential Elements Book 1 AND String Town Tunes

    Essential Elements for Strings - Book 1 with EEi        String Town Tunes Cover



    Middle School Books

    6th grade students use Strings Extraordinaire and Essential Elements Book 1

    Strings Extraordinaire - Violin        Essential Elements for Strings - Book 1 with EEi


    7th and 8th grade students use MORE Strings Extraordinaire, High Tech for Strings, and Essentials for Strings.

    More Strings Extraordinaire! - Violin         High Tech For Strings      Essentials For Strings - Violin