Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Davis

Greetings Pathways Parents!

My name is Janna Davis, and I teach seventh grade English this year at Pathways. I have been at Pathways for many years now, and I absolutely believe in our program because I have witnessed Pathways changing student attitudes about school.  When students learn the skills to be successful through our program, it can positively impact other areas of their lives.  Being at Pathways has allowed me to make a difference, and I would not teach at any other school. 

 Here is some background information about me.  I have been in the West Ada School District for eleven years, and several of those years have been at Pathways.  In addition to teaching seventh grade English, I have also taught sixth, ninth, tenth, and twelfth grade English.  Education is something I am very passionate about, so I also worked as the school district’s ELA coach for all secondary teachers from 2016-2018.  I have two education degrees from Boise State University, a bachelor’s and a master’s in teaching secondary English.  I love everything about teaching English, and it’s my mission to empower students so they are stronger readers, writers, researchers, speakers, and listeners.

 Please feel free to e-mail or call if you ever have any questions.  If I am not immediately available, I will contact you quickly.