• Printmaking


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    If you have questions or concerns throughout the semester, please email or call me.


    Course Description

    Creating visually pleasing two-dimensional and three-dimensional artwork requires an understanding of form and function, and the application of specialized skills specific to mediums. Throughout this course we will explore art techniques focusing on Printmaking techniques, through projects that may include Relief Printing, Found Object Printing, Collagraph Printing, Lithograph, Monotype, Intaglio, and Screen Printing. Art History study will include the history of each Printmaking method practiced throughout the semester.


    All Art work is required to be School Appropriate Subject Matter-All students need to stay within the school district guidelines: No Nudity, No graphic use of weapons, No acts of violence, No drug references, No gang related items. Your work should be acceptable to display in the school office or any business around town.


    Cognitive thinking and Community Involvement:

    • The process of making art leads to a deeper understanding of yourself and others.
    • Creativity and imagination are enhanced through the study and creation of art.
    • The creation of art fosters self-discipline and perseverance.
    • Artists communicate ideas and emotion in their work.
    • People interpret art in different ways.
    • Art portrays and transmits culture.
    • The arts are essential to the human experience.