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  • Thank you for purchasing Show|Ready™ for Emma (OGG). Please download the most recent version of of Show|Ready™ for your Mac or Windows computer. You may also download Show|Ready™ on your iOS device from the iTunes App Store here. To activate your music open the application and enter your Show|Ready™ authorization code (below). You may also, in addition, enter the admin authorization code to unlock the ability to edit your music and share any changes you make with the cast.

    Emma (OGG) Show|Ready™

    Start Date: 11 December 2018
    End Date: 23 February 2019

    Number of Authorizations: 100 
    Number of Admin Authorizations: 5 

    Show|Ready™ Authorization Code: JUGGED-FEWER-SOCKET-CHILLI-GLAZED-THEM


    Mobile Username: Eagle High School - ID