Classroom Information


    Evidence/Assessments= 80%

    • Quizzes/Check Points
    • Unit tests
    • Assessments can be re-taken provided the student has all of their prior work turned in for the chapter and has reviewed the test review video and completed study guide if required.   Students can earn 100% on retakes.

    Semester Finals = 10%

    • End of Semester or End of Course tests
    • No retakes are offered on these assessments.

    Homework Quizzes = 10%

    • Quizzes comprised of homework problems reviewed in class, used for weekly progress monitoring.

    Practice/Homework = Completion Grade

    Students master content through instruction and practice.  Student practice can be done in a group or independently.  Practice is not used to measure a student’s mastery of content but rather to give students time to develop understanding before understanding is fully measured.  It is very important that practice is completed so misconceptions can be cleared up. Students are expected to complete assigned practice work so we can review and answer questions the following day.  Completion will be tracked via PowerSchool.  Late and missing work does impact overall performance. 


    Classroom Goals: (Goals are the same regardless of stage)

    1. Students will be able quickly multiply and divide multi-digit rational numbers with accuracy and use this knowledge to explore common factors and multiples.
    2. Students will build on understanding relationships between multiplication and division in order to explore and understand the meaning of fractions and multiplication/division of fractions.
    3. Students will be able to utilize ratios and concepts associated with ratios in order to understand and solve real word problems. Ex: Dan received $18 for every hour worked; Drew received $12 dollars for each hour worked.  How much money did Dan make if Drew made $48?
    4. Students will begin to create algebraic expressions in order to solve contextual problems. Explore how 6 x 2 = 12 is similar to Bill waking 6 miles per day, if he walks multiple days how many days will it take him to walk 24 miles?  6x=24 so x=4
    5. Students will be able to visualize and apply concepts associated with area, surface area, and volume in order to solve real world problems. Susan wants to build a dog kennel that is 8ft. x 12ft.   How much fence is needed and how much outdoor carpet would be needed to cover the floor of the dog kennel?
Last Modified on January 19, 2021