• First Learning Quiz Tomorrow!

    Posted by JAMES KUNZ on 9/5/2018

    Hello Students and Families!


    As we said in class, we have our first learning quiz tomorrow.  Here's what to expect!

    • When you come to class, all your assignments should be in your math binder rings, in order.  
      While the quiz is active, I'll be walking around to count how many assignments are completed and corrected and present.
      This process is quick, and I won't wait for you to "find" your assignment or "finish it" - if you're struggling to be ready on quiz day you need to change your daily habits.
      Although homework accuracy does not affect your grade, I will mark "completed" or "missing" so families can see the effort level of their students.

    • The quiz will contain problems similar to homework problems.
      We grade quiz accuracy instead of homework accuracy so students can benefit from the mistakes they've fixed on a daily basis.
      You can look at your homework and notes, and since you graded yourself in color pen your prior mistakes should be very easy to see.
      You should not have to look up every question, because that would take too long.  Check your resources as you need them, and finish on time.

    • Quizzes will not always be announced in advance.
      Expect at least one quiz per week, based on homework questions.
      Always have your homework ready to correct the next day - don't put it off and try to "catch up" right before a quiz.
      Always put corrected homework into your binder immediately, so you don't risk losing it.

    • If you're worried about a quiz, invest in your homework.
      Corrections are the most valuable part of the homework routine.  Be ready to correct on time, and in pen.
      Come visit me at break, lunch or after school if there are questions you still don't understand after corrections.
      Make your work neat, and keep it in order, so it makes sense to you in case you have to look at it later.


    Let me know if you have any questions!


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  • Update: Textbooks Deployed!

    Posted by JAMES KUNZ on 8/30/2018

    Math 7 Update - Textbooks Deployed


    This letter was sent by email to families of all students in Math 7 or Honors Math 7.


    Note that Honors students use a text for 7th and a text for 8th simultaneously.  They'll need to cover a second book and pay extra attention to the volume being used any particular day.

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  • Textbook Care and Cover 2018

    Posted by JAMES KUNZ on 8/29/2018

    Textbook Care 2018


    This presentation was given at the library as we checked out student textbooks. 


    We discussed caring for the textbook by keeping it away from things that are wet, sticky, or have mouths.  Students are financially responsible for the condition of their textbook at the end of the year, but with proper care this does not have to be a constant worry.

    We covered textbooks in brown paper during class, and this presentation includes written and video instructions for making your own cover.  Honors Math 7 students will need to cover their additional book next week.

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  • 7th Grade Math: Letter For Families

    Posted by JAMES KUNZ on 8/28/2018

    This letter was attached to an email directed to all student and parent addresses.  Didn't see it?  Contact the school to update your email address for future updates!


    Dear Families of 7th Grade Mathematicians

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