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Ms. Rachael Denby


I am Mrs. Sullivan's long term sub while she is out on maternity leave. I am very happy to say that I have the pleasure of teaching Math 8 and High School Math 1 at MMS for the first 12 weeks of school. I am very passionate about education and often think of the wonderful things we can do with mathematics as magical. I know that math built the world around me. Everything from the buildings and bridges to the flow of traffic, plants and animals, music,...all the things in my life, big or small, math is highly related to it all. I know that math, the universal language, is used in all aspects of life and look forward to sharing my passion and excitement with students. I didn't always find math so interesting and even struggled with math during high school. For this reason, I feel I can relate to those students who dread going to math class or feel they are not good at math. Yet, as we go through this mathematical journey together over the next several weeks, I hope I can get even the most doubtful of my students to share my excitement for math. I hope all of my students begin to see the magic in math and the ways in which it has built the world around us. I hope, I can make math fun. 


Rachael Denby