• We had a FANTASTIC 2nd year in IBOB this year.   Congratulations to the STMS IBOB challenge team winner:  Linghorn!  

    But, now is the time to prepare for next school year 2020-21 and the books we will battle on have already been released!  Check one out from the library or on Sora!

  • Do you wish reading books was a sport?

    Join our Battle of the Books team!

    The details:

    • 4 people per team (1 alternate is allowed)
    • You will name your team.
    • Books will be loaned out by the school library.
    • Your team can meet as often as you want. There will be some specific library times during lunches for activities and meetings.
    • As a team, you decide how to read the books. You can read all 16, you can split them up, etc. No one is required to read a book if they do not want to read it.
    • Teams will read the books during the fall and winter and in January school battles will start.
    • The questions will be “in which book” or “content” questions. You will have 15 seconds to discuss the answer and the team spokesperson will give the answer.
    • You will have the chance to answer the other team’s question if they do not know it.
    • The teams with the highest points will go to the regional competition.
    • The regional competition will be spring 2020- details TBD