• Practicing Flexible Thinking

    Posted by KRISTIN CATT on 9/7/2018 5:00:00 PM

    In second grade we are working on developing a growth mindset.  This means we know our brain is like a muscle and we can help it grow by learning new things.  Sometimes when we are learning something we have to have flexible thinking.  This means when something doesn't work the way we are trying to do it we try another way. We keep trying and learning from our mistakes and our success. When we feel frustrated we can take a break and use breathing strategies to help us prepare to try again.

    We created a class credo which is an agreement about how we will act in our classroom and what it will be like to be a member of our classroom.  

    Class Credo

    In our class:

    Everybody is respectful

    We take turns talking and we listen to everyone

    We encourage each other

    We are friendly

    We help each other learn

    We are here to make our brains stronger!


    This week we made the word can't illegal in our classroom.  In second grade we don't say we can't do things, we know we CAN do everything we need to do if we keep trying. 

    We CAN!

    We also practiced flexible thinking with a challenge.  Each student was asked to build the tallest tower he or she could with 10 gum drops and 5 toothpicks. The students had a lot of great ideas.  Some of them even accidentally found out that a broken toothpick can be even better than a whole toothpick.  It was amazing to see the students using flexible thinking and breathing strategies if they got frustrated.  They shared ideas and learned from each other.  They also had a lot of fun making their towers.  


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