Quick Facts About Standards Referenced Grading

  • In my classroom, students can always reassess any assignment they are unhappy about for a better grade (I keep the better of the grades rather than average), and I do not penalize students for late assignments (they can still earn full points, even if they turn it in late). 


    If your student expresses disappointment about their grade on any assignment in my class, please encourage them to come talk with me about it!  I would be happy to work with them to get their grade where they want it!

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  • How do students reassess?


    Students must fill out a Reassessment Contract (see below for an example) within one week of receiving the graded  assessment.  After filling this out, the student will meet with me to discuss a plan for improvement and establish a timeline for reassessing.


    Students can meet with me before and after class, during independent work time in class, or during my office hours (Mon, Tues, Thurs, and Fri mornings from 7:15-7:40).


    Students can reassess the standard as many times as necessary without penalty.


    What happens to the student's grade when they reassess?


    In the comments section, I will record the original grade and the newly reassessed grade for my own record keeping.  The reassessed grade will completely replace the first attempt.

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  • How do students receive feedback for improvement?


    Students receive feedback for improvement in a variety of ways depending on the assignment. These include, but are not limited to, written feedback, rubric feedback, whole class discussion feedback, student exemplars, and individual discussions.


    The most potent form of feedback comes through the reassessment contract process, where students conference one-on-one with their teacher.  This is where the most growth is seen, and as such, it is a vital part of the reassessment process.


    If your student is ever confused about why they received their grade, please encourage them to meet with me for a conference!

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