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    • Student E-Book: coming soon

     Many students have not had a textbook checked out to them before so here is a list to help:

    1. The textbook will be checked out to you in your name when your teacher brings your class to the library.
    2. Write your first and last name in the front of the textbook. 
    3. The cost of the textbook if lost is $62.00
    4. The textbook is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. If you leave it in your locker, make sure your locker is clean.  If you put it in your backpack, make sure any water bottles are closed. 
    5. Your Math book is a hardback textbook please cover the book with one of the following options: 
    • a cloth stretchy cover purchased at a store
    • a brown paper bag cover. DO NOT TAPE the cover to the front or back of the book as it will rip the binding and cover. (There are lots of website and YouTube videos on how to do this)