• Knife Skills

    Part I: Safety & Care

    Bell Ringer    What are the oldest manmade tools known in existence? Discovered in Kenya and thought to be almost 3 million years old?

    Content Standard 3.0 - Food Service Skills, Equipment, and Production

    Performance Standard 3.2 - Knife Skills

    Performance Standard 3.2.1  Describe basic knife cuts and their application.

    Supporting Standard 3.2.2 - Demonstrate how to properly handle, sharpen, and maintain knives

    Supporting Standard 3.2.3 - Determine knives for appropriate use

    Supporting Standard 3.3 - Workplace Mise en Place



    In this part of Unit 4 we will be exploring Knife Skills: Safety & Care:

    • Knife Safety
    • Knife Anatomy
    • Types of Knives
    • Knife Skills
    • Knife Care


    Before We Start:

    Please grab one of each of the three handouts in the back of the room.

    Also, in the pantry, 1 member from each team needs to get one knife kit for their table. Also grab a 3D Knife Cuts Template from the pantry. Another team member needs to grab a cutting board for their table, including padding. And a third member needs to safely bring back a chef's knife to their table. Set up your cutting board and knife at the far end of your group's table.



    Class Activity:

    You will be given a study guide to fill out regarding: 

    • Knife Construction
    • Types of Knives
    • Knife Skills
    • Knife Cuts
    • Knife Safety
    • Knife Care

    If finished, turn in at the end of class. 


    Unit 4: Knife Skills Part I


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