• Knife Skills

    Part II: Knife Cuts

    Bell Ringer    Which cut is literally translated from French means "little stick?"

    Content Standard 3.0 - Food Service Skills, Equipment, and Production

    Performance Standard 3.2 - Knife Skills

    3.2.1 - Describe basic knife cuts and their application


    In this part of Unit 4 we will be exploring Knife Skills: Knife Cuts:

    Before We Start:

    You will need the three previous handouts pertaining to knife safety and knife cuts.

    Also, in the pantry, 1 member from each team needs to get one knife kit for their table. Also, grab a 3D Knife Cuts Template from the pantry. Another team member needs to grab a cutting board for their table, including padding. And a third member needs to safely bring back a chef's knife to their table. Set up your cutting board and knife at the far end of your group's table.

    Class Activity:

    Complete the study guide regarding knife cuts.

    Using the Knife Cut Template:

    • Put your full name and class period at the top of the right-hand corner.
    • Using a pencil, at the top of the section in small writing, list the dimensions of the cut.
    • Using a pencil and a ruler, draw the exact measurements of the uniform cuts along the right side of each section. Make sure to draw the end and overhead views when necessary.
    • You will leave a section mostly open to place your knife cuts when in lab

    Once finished, wrap in cling wrap, and place in your designated kitchen drawer.

    Chef Note

    If you have trouble filling out the Knife Cuts Template, please take a look at my example! This is how I want you to fill out your template. BE ACCURATE!



    Unit 3: Knife Skills Part II


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