Unit 3 - Table of Contents

  • Table of Contents

    pg. 15: Microscope Skills Lab

    pg. 16: Cell Structure Notes (slides 5-20 on powerpoint, copy of filled in notes in the documents section) 

    pg. 17: ProKarytoe & Eukaryote Cell Diagram

    pg. 18: Cell Structure Lab

    pg. 19: Cell Membrane notes

    pg. 20: Cell membrane Review worksheet

    pg. 21: Plasmolysis Lab

    pg.22: Cell size/shape Lab

    pg. 23: Cell Divsion Notes (see cell division powerpoint)

    pg. 24: Mitosis Gone Wrong handout

    pg. 25: Concept Maps 


  • Unit 3 Due Dates:

    -We have not turned in any document from Unit 3 yet. 

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