Future Band Members


    Each spring, we will host an instrument placement fair and petting zoo for incoming band students to come select their instrument. This is an opportunity to meet the band director, some private lesson teachers, and see all of the instrument possibilities! There is definitely no music experience required! All you need to bring to the event is an open mind. Many times, the instrument you come in wanting to play is very different from what we realize will work best. You always want to choose an instrument that will be the easiest for you to play. Most students will know what they are going to play on the day of the selection. Oboe and Bassoon students will be contacted individually IF THEY ARE SELECTED after all students have been tested and placed on another instrument.

    Percussion is only available to students who have had at least one year of piano, orchestra, OR band experience.


    We will be hosting our instrument selection fair on Thursday, May 14, 2020 from 4:30pm - 6:30pm at Star Middle School in the band, choir and orchestra hall.


    Students and their families are responsible for supplying the materials listed on their supply sheet (given at instrument selection). WE STRONGLY ENCOURAGE YOU TO DO THIS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Early birds get the greatest deals and have a more varied selection. Students are expected to have all materials on the first day of school. Local music stores are listed on our resources page. Please contact Mr. Barro with any questions.