Week One - November 7th - Let's Get Logged In!

Week Two - November 28th - Still Working on the Basics

  • This week we worked more on just the basic functionality of the game.  Many of the students have played Minecraft on an Xbox, but few are familar with the desktop version.  Building confidence and giving students a chance to practice moving, accessing their inventory, joining different worlds with IP addresses, and becoming proficient is an important step to doing productive work as a group.  

     Minecraft Wiki - If your little one is ready to build more advanced structures, you can go over the information contained in this wiki with them.  This may inspire some creativity and give you a little bit of background to help with suggestions of different builds they can do.


    I also had a student asking me about horses and saddles.  Here is a little more information:

  • We started our group survival world today with the beginner group.  This provides some confidence for little ones who are still unsure about gameplay.  I usually have 2-5 students who stay pretty close to me during gameplay.  The survival world for the beginner group is more cooperative in the sense that students are looking for lots of direction and everyone is new.  This is usually the first time that some of them have been in a world other than creative, where they have unlimited supplies, can fly, and are indestructable.  


    We had a lot of fun today.