Naviance is a tool to assist students with College and Career Exploration!

     It helps connect interests and strengths to student's long-term goals, whether they are applying to college, entering the workforce, or joining the military.

    All West Ada students have a Naviance Account!

    Instructions on how to log into Naviance:

    Go to westada.org
    Click on Web Apps
    Sign into Rapid Identity with your school username & password
    In Applications, find and click on CLEVER
    Login with Active Directory
    Click on Naviance!


    Accessing Naviance From Home - Naviance Instructions


    This site will help students with:

    Self-Discovery - Strengths Explorer self assessment

    College Preparation - college searches, request transcripts, explore degree programs

    Scholarships - view scholarship lists

    Career Exploration - career self assessments, learn information about careers

    Job Preparation - build a resume, set goals, develop a plan

    Academic Planning - plan of study for potential careers