Week One - November 14th - Nuts and Bolts/Year Long Challenges

  • This week we will begin work on some year-long challenges:

    • The Last Group Standing
    • Utopia Exploration
    • Build Your Own Adventure
    • BADDDDLands

    Depending on skill level, some students may choose to brush up on certain skills before entering into a year-long challenge.  

Week Two - December 5th - Group Survival World

  • This week we started our group survival world.  This was added as an option for students who were not involved in a build or year-long challenge from our first session.  We started discussing basic conduct when in a group world together and set some ground rules for our club.  


    Even though many students have experience with Minecraft, they have limited exposure in working with peers on shared goal.  Our survival world will eventually become a place where groups will set out to complete specific tasks or challenges.