Unit 4- Photosynthesis & Cellular Respiration

Diagram of Chemistry Equation

Unit 4 - Table of Contents

  • Table of Contents

     Pg. 26: Powers of Ten worksheet

    Pg. 27: Where does plants mass come from?

    Pg. 28: Photosythesis notes pt. 1 (see powerpoint & photosynthesis diagrams)

    Pg. 29: Photosynthesis Disk Lab

    Pg. 30: Photosythesis Lab Write-Up

    pg. 31: Cellular Respiration Story (Madalyn's Story)

    pg. 32: Cellular Respiration Model

    pg. 33: Cellular Respiration Notes (see drawings)

    pg. 34: Electron Transport Activity (see answer key)

    pg. 35: Anaerobic Respiration Notes

    pg. 36: Glucose (anaerobic respiration) lab

    pg. 37: Cell Energy Concept Map 


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