Patriot Softball Fundraising

  • Patriot Softball Fundraising Point of Contact:  Wes Piatt 1-(208)-830-8122


    ****Special Note:  Because of Covid-19, we have decided to cancel our 2 main fundraising events (Annual Dean Diffin Bowling Tournament and Snap Raise).  Since we are not having these fundraisers, we are forced to raise money in other ways.  Also, the school is not giving the softball program any money to operate and we can't have a season without funds.


    Team Fees:  We are assigning a "Team Fee" to each player this season.  This will take the place of all other fund raisers that we would normally have to start the season.

    Cost:   $150 per player

    Where does the money go?  We must raise money to pay for nets, balls, fertilizer, sand, weed killer and various other supplies.  We also have to pay for 2 umpires per game which is close to $3000 per season.  All of this is very costly and we can't operate without these things.


    Annual Dean Diffin Memorial Bowling Tournament:  Cancelled


    Snap Raise: Cancelled