• Potions Class!

    Posted by Kendra Geary on 10/24/2019

    Students in Professor McGearygall's (or Geary's... whichever you prefer) chemistry group have been learning about matter, changing states of matter, chemical and physical changes, and atoms!  


    In our first weeks, we discovered if students were "Wizards" or "Muggles," and in the process we learned some cool chemical names like dihydrogen monoxide and acetic acid.  Students should be able to explain to you why each chemical has that name, and what its common name is.  Students shared some "Chemist's Understandings" that they discovered, including "chemistry takes diligence" and "chemicals are everywhere."  


    working together


    Students continued to work together to discover the difference between chemical and physical reactions using some fun "potions".


    light up


    We have now moved on to learning about atoms and elements.  After completing some elemental math, students built their own element models!





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  • Third Grade off to a STEAMy Start!

    Posted by Kendra Geary on 9/3/2019

    Third grade started off the year with a tower-building STEAM challenge, requiring teamwork and listening skills!  Everyone learned that it is easier to work together when we listen to one another, value all ideas, include everyone in the work, and are open to compromise.  




    We continued to work on these concepts for the next few weeks as students carried out the steps of the STEM design cycle in teams and created "personality islands" to learn more about themselves as learners.

    The year is off to a fantastic start and we are enjoying this fantastic group of eager young learners!



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