• Personal Interest Project Burst with Mrs. G.

    Posted by KENDRA GEARY on 2/23/2019

    Students working on the personal interest burst have brainstormed topics, come up with a variety of questions about those topics, and begun planning out their projects.  Thank you to all who looked over your child's plan and sent your approval and/or helped them to think up a different plan.  Your student should have a folder with a self-organized calendar of work he or she would like to complete over the next week.  


    Students also came up with their own rubric for the project, which will be typed up and posted by next week.  One of the items we agreed was important for a fifth grade project was to seek information from "live experts" on the topic.  This can be a family member if applicable, but could be anyone in the community.  Students are also encouraged to Email experts, with the caveat that they need to be copying parents and/or teachers on all Emails, and sending replies to us as well, so that we can monitor all conversation. 


    It has been enocouraging to see how self-motivated the students are toward these projects and questions that interest them!  Our due date for now is before Spring Break.  I (Mrs. Geary) told students they may talk to me if there is a need to extend the timeline. 

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  • Design Thinking

    Posted by KENDRA GEARY on 2/1/2019

    Today 5th graders explored the "Design Thinking" strategy for problem solving!  This idea originates out of Stanford University, and resembles the Engineering Design Process to create a product or solution - adding in the idea of "empathizing" with the end user.  


    In today's challenge, students were called to design a chair for a specific end-user, empathizing with his or her needs.  Then they came up with a prototype build using only a plastic cup and scissors!  They will create more iterations of their prototypes next week.  


    See pictures of this week's work in our photo gallery below!


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  • Mock Trial

    Posted by Kendra Geary on 1/24/2019

    Mrs. Geary's "Law and Order" group held our mock trial today in 5th grade!  The trial was held in front of a jury of peers who had not been a part of the Law and Order training.  


    Students presented arguments, testimony, and evidence in front of an audience of 50 people.  We were so impressed with their ability to think on the spot when necessary, and to articulate their position well.  They should feel very proud of what they accomplished!


     Courtroom Clerk reads the charges


    Court Clerk


    Opening Statements from the lead prosecutor- a fox



    Opening statements for the defense



    The "Public" and witnesses



    Defense attorneys



    Prosecuting attorneys



    Our court clerk/news reporter will be posting the full story next week, along with additional photos of the trial.  Stay tuned!

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