• If we have received signed "consent to test" forms for your child, your child is now in our testing queue!  Depending on the amount of students in the queue, you should expect this process to take anywhere from 4-8 weeks.  We are excited to work with your family through this process, and will inform you of your child's progress along the way.  

     Gifted is not about being "better."

    GT Testing Process:

    • Facilitator receives teacher referral.
    • Parent fills out student nomination form-  Click here to Complete Nomination Form
    • Testing Letter and consent forms are sent home
    • Once consents are received, your child is placed in the testing queue, in order of when signed forms were received.
    • Facilitators and GT Assistant will administer 2 tests to assess current cognitive and academic functioning.
    • You will be notified if your student has qualified for GT, or will be moving on to IQ testing with the school psychologist.
    • After all testing is done, you will be notified of all scores and results.
    • If your student qualifies, we will schedule an "entrance meeting" to introduce you to the program and complete enrollment forms.