Star MS Library Policies/Info


    Library Checkout Policies:

    • Students may check out up to 5 books for 2 weeks at a time.  They may renew their items for an additional 2 weeks, IF no one else is waiting for the book.

    • Students can put books on hold either from home or school (see Destiny Library Catalog page).  When their requested items come in, students will receive a note that their hold item is waiting for them in the library.

    • We are not charging fines for overdue books.  However, if the book has not been returned in 30 days, it will be marked LOST and the student will need to either return or pay for the item.

    Library Fines:

    • We will not be charging fines for late or overdue library books.

    • We appreciate books returned on time or renewed for continued reading. 

    • However, books not returned or renewed after 30 days, book automatically become listed as LOST and moved into the student's account as a fine- the amount of the book.  If the book is in possession, upon return, the fine is dropped. 

    Library Lost/Damaged Books:

    • If books are damaged, fines are assessed depending on the type and amount of damage. 

    • If books are damaged and need to be replaced, 1 fine/fee is assessed.   
      • Fine for the cost of the book  

    • If books are LOST, 1 fine/fee is assessed.
      • Fine for the cost of the book



    Lost/Damaged Textbooks:

    • If textbooks are Damaged, fines are assessed depending on the type and amount of damage. 
      • Book Rebinding Fee- $15.00
      • Damage to pages (torn, written on, water damage etc)- $1.00 to $10.00
      • Other fines can be assessed at discretion of administration

    • Lost or Unusable Textbook These must be paid prior to the end of the year.
      • Replacement cost of textbooks:
        • Spanish- Avancemos 1                    $71.50
        • Spanish- Avancemos 1 workbook     $15.30
        • Health Textbook                              $99.00
        • Math Core Connections Course 1      $62.00
        • Math Core Connections Course 2      $62.00
        • Math Core Connections Course 3      $67.00
        • Discovering World Geography          $102.42
        • World History myWorld Interactive   $79.47
        • Physical Science                             $138.90
        • Life Science                                   $60.47
        • Space Science                                $20.40
        • Elevate Science Earth                      $29.97
        • MyPerspectives ELA 6                     $112.47
        • MyPerspectives ELA 7                     $112.47
        • MyPerspectives ELA 8                     $112.47


    All Fines/Fees for library books and/or textbooks MUST be completed prior to the end of the current school year.