• As part of your Classwork grade, one face-to-face consultation with The Scribe Writing Center is required each semester. The goal of these consultations is two-fold: to make use of an outstanding campus resource, and to increase your individual skill set as a writer; as such, you may choose to schedule a consultation for material not directly assigned in Honors English 9.  

    Recommended consultation topics include clear and relevant thesis development, organization of full compositions, practice for speeches and presentations, creative writing (fiction, poetry, or other), and development of analysis. Proofreading consultations will not count toward this assignment. 

     The Consultation:  

    1. Book a face-to-face consultation at The Scribe Writing Center at least once this semester. You do not have to go specifically for English class. 
      • The consultation is not a proofreading/editing of a final work. This will not help you grow as a writer, and so is not eligible. 
    2. You actively participate in your consultation. The consultants have a ton of training, if they ask you to read out loud--do it.  

     The Deliverables 

    1. Write a 150-200-word reflection detailing the following: 
      • A brief summary of the skills you worked on in The Scribe. This may include brainstorming, organization, writing a thesis, presentation skills, transitions, depth of analysis, etc. 
      • What your role was in the consultation. For example, did you read out loud, did you ask questions, did you respond to questions, were you writing or taking notes, etc. 
      • How do you see these skills being useful in the future? 
      • You must use MLA formatting and appropriate paragraph structure. 
    2. You must submit a copy of the Post-Consultation Email you receive from The Scribe.  
      • This is NOT the reminder of scheduling an appointment but is sent after your consultation. 
      • Print your email and choose "save as pdf" as your printer option to do this. 
      • Please name this file “Post-Consultation Email.” 
    3. Your Reflection and Post Consultation Email are due to Teams no later than 3:00 PM Friday, 1 May 2020. 
      • Your Reflection and Post-Consultation Email must BOTH be submitted for your assignment to be eligible for grading 
      • You may turn in your Scribe Assignment at any earlier time during the semester.