• Day 1: August 26 and 27 - The students will be introduced to the class expectations, rules, and class content. They will also get to know the teacher and their fellow students. 

    • Seating ChartYes, we have one
    • Class QuestionsAnonymous answers
    • Teacher Introduction A few things about me
    • SyllabusReview
    • Remind TextIntroduction
    • WebsiteIntroduction
    • Global PerspectivesWhat do you know?
    • Mr. D. and John GreenAn open letter


    Day 2: August 28 and 29 – The students will begin their study of Unit 1 with an introduction to general Geographical Perspectives vocabulary and terminology. The students will be able to define ethnocentrism and define and explain the elementsof culture.

    Journal 1 – How many elements ofculture will we study this unit? How many languages do you speak? What is ethnocentrism and what problems might it cause?

    • Why Study History – Video Clip
    • Seven Elements of Culture Notes and Discussion

    Journal 2 – Four Elements: Assignment


    Day 3: August 30 and September 3 - The students will begin their study of forms of government. he students will be able to identify and define ten different forms of governments and their places in the world. 

    Journal 3 – What is government? How does it affect and impact our lives? What would your change about our current government? Write down as many forms of government you know. 

    • Is America a DemocracyVideo Clip
    • Forms of Government – Video Clip
    • GovernmentNotes
    • Why Study HistoryVideo Clip
    • Picture GramAssignment Due September 4 and 5


    Day 4: September 4 and 5 – The students will continue their study of government as they demonstrate their knowledge by meeting proficiency on a quiz. Students will then recognize and analyze different civil rights and liberties within diverse government and economic structures. They will recognize the importance of a solid Constitution and will be able to explain and present the difficulties they experienced in making political compromises. 

    Journal 4 – How many different forms of government did we study? Can you name them? What document helps guide our government and is considered the law of the land? What amendments to this document are you aware of and why? 

    • Government TermsQuiz
    • Bill of Rights IVideo Clip
    • Law of the LandWrite a Constitution
    • GovernmentCreate a Country and Constitution
    • Bill of Rights IIVideo Clip


    Day 5: September 6 and 9 – The students will begin their religions section of unit 1 where they will examine eight world religions, identify who the major contributors have been, and compare the similarities and the “over-lap” between three of the world’s major religions: Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. 

    Journal 5 – List two things you believe you can’t live without. Does religion play a significant role in your life? Do you believe religion has played a significant role in world history?

    • Miniature EarthVideo Clip and Discussion
    • ReligionsFree Quiz
    • ReligionsNotes and Discussion


    Day 6: September 10 and 11 – The students will continue their study of religions as they identify eight world religions, know the main characteristics of each, and discover who the major contributors have been.

    Journal 6 – What is the definition of religion? Is religion God’s creation to reach man or man’s creation to reach God? Write down one thing you now know about each of the following religions: Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism, and Islam.

    • ReligionsFinish Notes and Discussion
    • Religions ReviewLearning Outcomes
    • Religions TableAssignment and Venn Diagram
    • Coming AttractionsReligions Quiz


    Day 7: September 12 and 13 – The students will be introduced to four economic systems of the world and will be able to express what influences their own global perspective.

    Journal 7 – How would you define economics? What goods and services do you think should take priority to be produced? Do you want to be self employed or work for a company? Are your parents self-employed?

    • Religions QuizQuiz
    • Economics –  Free Quiz
    • Economics Vocabulary and Notes
    • Influences On PerspectivesEssay Assignment


    Day 8: September 16 and 17 – The students will continue to examine different economic systems of the world. They will be able to define four forms of economy and recognize the difference between a developed and a developing country.

    Journal 8 – How many different economic systems did we study? Can you name them? What are key factors that make a country developed?

    • Return to Mocha – Video clip and study guide
    • Picture GramFinish and turn today if not completed yet
    • Influences On PerspectivesEssay Assignment


    Day 9: September 18 and 19 – The students will examine, analyze, and contrast the changing world to give them perspective on current values, technology, and culture. The students will then demonstrate their knowledge of economic terms and concepts by meeting proficiency on an economics quiz.

    Journal 9 – How do you feel about the future of the country? How do you feel about the future of education? How do you feel about your future?

    • Economics ReviewLearning Outcomes and Quiz
    • Did You Know 2017 & 2028Video Clip
    • 100 Years Ago in AmericaPresentation and Discussion
    • Coming AttractionsTest Review and Economics Quiz


    Day 10: September 20 and 23 – The students will demonstrate their knowledge of religions by meeting proficiency on an economics quiz. The students will then participate in a test review game to help them prepare for the upcoming unit one test.

    Journal 10 – Write down one thing you know and one thing you want to know about each of the following: government, economics, and religion.

    • Unit 1 – Who Wants to be a Millionaire?
    • Unit 1 – Test Review or Test
    • Announcement: There is a test next class. Journals will be due on test day. Counting today, you should have completed ten journals
    Day 11: September 24 and 25 – The students will complete their study of unit one as they demonstrate their knowledge of governments, religions, and economics by meeting proficiency on a test. They will then begin unit two, a study of the Middle East.
    • Test Unit 1
    • Eight Journals Due today
    • MapMiddle East
    • Free QuizMiddle East
    • Crash CourseVideo Clip