• Day 1: October 30 and 31 - The students will be introduced to Africa where they will examine and explore the religion, culture, government, economics, and geography of the continent. They will identify the vast size and expanse of Africa, be introduced to vocabulary for the unit, and understand the motives and consequences of colonization.

    Journal 1 – List three things you already know about Africa. Is Africa developed or developing? Why? How many countries are in Africa?

    • AfricaVocabulary
    • Slave Trade – Ted Talks
    • AfricaFacts and Figures
    • AfricaNotes

    Day 2: November 1 and 4 - The students continue their study and examination of Africa. They will be introduced to and define Apartheid as well as identify its impact in South Africa and the role of Nelson Mandela.

    Journal 2 – What are the three main causes for Africa’s developing status we discussed during our last class? What is Apartheid? Who was Nelson Mandela?

    • Nelson MandalaVideo Clip
    • ApartheidNotes
    • South Africa WaterVideo Clip
    • Trevor NoahVideo Clip
    • God Grew Tired of UsVideo Clip

    Day 3: November 5 and 6 - The students will explore genocide and conflict as well as its impact in Africa and across the globe. The students will understand and be able to define genocide, review episodes that have occurred, and discuss its impact on the world.

    Journal 3 – Where and when did Apartheid take place? Did you think about your water use since last class? Were you successful in taking a one minute shower?

    • Genocide and ConflictNotes
    • Lost Boys of Sudan Part OneVideo Clip
    • Lost Boys of Sudan Part TwoVideo Clip
    • Coming Soon – Map Quiz

    Journal 4 – How is genocide different from a mass shooting? How does the United States often respond to conflicts in Africa today?

    Day 4: November 7 and 8 - The students will continue to examine social injustice as they will explore racial discrimination and genocide in Africa. The students will be able to define social injustice as they reflect on modern forms of discrimination and injustice both locally and globally. The students will then continue to examine genocide as they identify racial discrimination and genocide in the African country of Rwanda.

    Journal 5 – Who or what is the Boko Haram? Who or what are the Janjaweed? Who did the Belgium favor, the Hutu or the Tutsi? Why?

    • Africa Map Quiz
    • Hotel RwandaVideo Clip

    Day 5: November 11 and 12 - The students will identify different countries in Africa and examine the cultures and economics of their chosen countries. The students will grasp the distinct cultures and varied lifestyles as they compare the countries to the United States. The students will also examine genocide in Africa as they identify racial discrimination and genocide in Rwanda.

    Journal 6 – Who are the Interahamwe? Who are the Hutu’s fighting against? Why are they fighting? Is Paul Rusesabagina a Hutu or a Tutsi?

    • African Countries Class Discussion
    • Hotel Rwanda Video Clip
    • Rwanda Today Video Clip

    Day 6: November 13 and 14 – The students will examine modern day slavery in Africa. They will be able to define and identify contemporary slavery, Kony and the LRA, as well as the impact of child and forced labor. The students will also be able to compare and contrast the political and philosophical world of Wakanda and how it illustrates an alternative history for Africa.

    Journal 7 – How would you define slavery? Can someone be “enslaved” but still get paid? Are there slaves in the world today? If so, where? How does modern slavery compare with historical slavery in the United States?

    Day 7: November 15 and 18 - The students will continue to explore conflicts in Africa, specifically blood diamonds and their impact in Africa and across the globe. The students will be able to define a ‘conflict diamond’ and they will identify which company has historically controlled the diamond market.

    Journal 8 – Who or what is considered to be a man’s best friend? Who or what is considered to be a woman’s best friend? What type of ring is typically purchased for a marriage engagement? What does a diamond represent?

    • De Beers Video Clip
    • Conflict Diamonds Notes & Discussion
    • Conflict Diamonds Video Clip
    • I Know, I Know, I Know Unit Review

    Journal 9 – What is a conflict or blood diamond? How does the sale of conflict diamonds increase human rights abuses? In what ways has American culture been affected by diamond advertising and the role of diamonds? What company is the largest diamond supplier?

    Day 8: November 19 and 20 - The students will complete their exploration of Africa and demonstrate what they have learned by meeting proficiency on a Quest. The students will the gain insight into how historical individuals have influenced and changed the world. The students will present their selected individuals as they to identify the legacy of each individual presented.

    Journal 10 – Most of countries in Africa have socioeconomic struggles and are classified as developing countries. What are the four main reasons why?  

    • Africa - Test
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    • AsiaMap
    • Global Tournament – Begin Round 1