School To Community Training

    Rocky Mountain High School 

    Room P.3B Ms. Beauvais 

    2019-2020 School Year 

    (208) 350-4340 Ext. 1506



     Course Description: 

    This class is an off-site training program designed to provide our students the unique opportunity to work at various businesses in our local community to help foster independence, instill confidence, and prepare our students to one day work at an establishment at which they are training. Students will be paired with a business partner and will job train for approximately 45 minutes per class. Job coaches will check in on students and follow up with employers at least once a week or more if needed. Rocky Mountain will provide transportation to and from the job sites.

    Work in all classes will usually be done in class or at place of bussiness with very few, if any, homework assignments. All homework assignments and classwork are due by the end of the semester.

     In Life Skills classes, small-group instruction and differentiation will be provided daily to ensure all students are receiving effective interventions and enrichment activities tailored to their individual needs. As part of the life skill classes, students will also work on their post-secondary goals for life after high school. Preparing for the transition to “real life” is an ongoing process for students that continues all the way through high school. The activities we complete this year will include informal (and sometimes formal)assessments to help students identify and work toward their post-secondary goals. Information and results gathered through this process will be given to students, which they are encouraged to share with parents and guardians. This information will also be summarized in their annual IEP and discussed during their meeting once they are 15 years old. In addition, we will incorporate lessons on self-determination, self-advocacy, and the student led IEP.

    Grades & Retake Policy

    Grades will be based on participation and summative assessments. ALL assessments can be retaken up to the final day of the semester.

    Life Skill Classes are graded on individual growth over time mind-set. We will continually assess where your child is over the length of the year.

    Classroom Expectations & Procedures:

    To ensure the safety of all students and to maximize learning, all students will be given multiple opportunities to discuss, observe, model and practice classroom procedures, expectations and school wide behavior expectations as outlined in the student handbook.

    Our Classroom Expectations

    Attend all classes--on time

    Be prepared for each class with appropriate materials and assignments

    Dress appropriately at school

    Leaving Class – Must Have Permission, Check-Out, Hall Pass, Check-in, 5 Minutes

    Cell Phone– Posted

    Suggested Student Materials (these materials encompass all three extended resource classes)

     Students in the classroom share all supplies so pencils and erasers are always in high need.

    IEP Information and Annual Transition Assessments

    Your permission is needed at the beginning of the year to allow your student to participate in the formal and informal assessments.


    Please sign and return by September 5, 2019

    Thank You

     Katie Beauvais


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    Donations of the following are always appreciated

    • Facial tissues
    • · Pencils
    • · Antibacterial wipes or hand sanitizer
    • · Loose-leaf Paper
    • · Monetary donations should be made through the Education Foundation of the West Ada School District. You can designate to the general fund, grants program, basic student needs, a school or to a classroom. There are great tax benefits to donating


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