• Discovering Cultures & Languages


    Syllabus:   Cultures and Languages Syllabus Click on the link to access the syllabus.


    Accessing Assignment Documents, Details and Resources:

    1. Have your child sign in with his/her username and password (Instructions on how to sign in from home, click here: https://www.westada.org/Page/41431)
    2. Click on the TEAMS app
    3. In TEAMS, click on the Assignments tab


    Grading:  Please read the syllabus for special notes on the weighting of assignments.  Also, please note that Power School is where parents should go to help their child check their grades (resource link: https://www.westada.org/powerschoolinfo).  Each student has access to Power School; it is important to click on the grade to see all of the comments or codes per assignment.  NOT every assignment in TEAMS is graded.



    To read DAILY LESSON PLANS click here: Discovering Cultures & Languages Lessons