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    Dear family,

            The reading logs for the Roaring Springs reading program are being sent home with your student in the Monday folder. They are due to school no later than March 13th.  They will not be accepted after that day!  Your child can send it in early if the 600 minutes are read.   

            When we return from winter break, we will be working on the reading strategy “Text and Graphic Features”. The students will be participating in an activity that requires magazines.  If you have school appropriate magazines that you are no longer using and would like to donate to our classroom, please send them into school before winter break.  

            I still have several students not returning reading logs.  Please remind your student that a consequence of not returning these is not being able to attend our monthly Fun Fridays.  Spending 20 – 30 minutes a night reading greatly improves their comprehension skills which is important across all the academic subjects. 

            Winter break is a good time of year to replenish school supplies.  Please talk with your student about items they may need for class.  I have noticed that many students have run out of glue sticks and white board markers.

    Thank you for all that you do!

    Upcoming Ponderosa/PTA Events

    December 23rd -January 5th -Winter Break


     Thank you for all of your support!

    -Renee Serafine   855-4040 ext.1124

Weekly Word Work List: My Librarian is a Camel