• Math Lab

    Mrs. Grindell  Room 220

    Math7 Labs & Math8 Labs 


    Contact Information:  grindell.fran@westada.org

                                     350-4270, Ext# 1220

                                     Special Education 

                                     School hours:  7:40am - 3:40pm

    Math labs focus on specialized instruction to remediate skills in the areas of number sense, computation and math reasoning.  The topics to remediate math skills also will include: understanding of Expressions and Equations; Multiplication and Division; Fraction and Decimals; and Rational Number Sense and Understanding. 

    In addition, students will be exposed to grade level curriculum and will follow the Common Core State Standards. 

    • Ratio Reasoning and Proportion Concepts
    • Multiplication and Division with Fractions
    • Solving Equations Using Variables
    • Expressions and Equations
    • Statistics, Reading & Creating Charts, Graphs and Data Tables

    Daily Expectations:

    • Come to class prepared with materials and homework from their general education class already completed
    • Be actively engaged and participate in discussions and activities

    Materials expected to be brought to class daily:

    • CCSSMath Comp. book AND math lab journal    

    Homework:  Most work is done in class.  Your child’s agenda will be filled out every Monday for that week.  Look for important due dates.  Assessments and quizzes willbe listed.  Do not expect regular homework unless to study for an assessment.

    Behavior:  Respect and follow posted classroom rules and expectations.  Student will receive a verbal warning and a prompt for desired behavior.  They will have the opportunity to refocus and correct the behavior.  If behavior continues, parent will be contacted.

    My goal is to provide a structured environment with a consistent teaching method that will allow your child to progress in their career as a student.  Being Prompt, Prepared Polite and Productive ( The Four P’s), will help aid in this endeavor.

     Grading Policy:  It is expected that students are prepared to learn daily and study have their homework from their general education class already completed.

    Students will be committed to their studies.  I have an expectation of high work quality and positive attitude and effort.  Students will be assessed on their ability to demonstrate understanding and application of key concepts.

    On a case by case basis, alternate assignments, assessments or due dates may be arranged.  These will be done via a contract between the student, teacher and parent.  These contracts are intended to accommodate for individual needs, as they relate to learning. 


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