Unit 7: Genetics

Diagram of Chemistry Equation

Unit 6- Table of Contents

  • Table of Contents

    Pg. 45: Intro. to heredity notes (see unit powerpoint)

    pg. 46: Monohybrid Punntt Square Worksheet (answer key in classroom)

    pg. 47: Punnett Square practice problems

    pg. 48: Non-mendelian inheritance notes (see unit powerpoint)

    pg. 49: Blood Type lab (See Mrs. O for lab document & data)

    pg. 50: Non-mendelian practice problems (see answer key in documents section)

    pg: 51: Pedigree Packet (answer key in classroom) 

    pg. 52: Fruit Fly Genetics Lab

    pg.53: Meiosis Notes

    pg. 54: Genetic Recombination Activity (answer key in classroom) 

    pg. 55: Meiosis Virtual Lab 

    pg. 56:  Genetic Disorder notes (see powerpoint)

    pg. 57: Concept map (see answer key in documents section) 


Unit 6 - Documents

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