• Private String Teachers

    As a community service, we are providing the information below at the instructor's request. This list does not imply our endorsement or not of the instructor below. Please use discretion in matching personality and teaching environment to you or to your student to ensure success and safety. We have also included piano accompanists at the bottom of the page for students needing an accompanist.


    Other places to inquire about a private teacher include: local Colleges and Universities, Music stores, a fellow student whose playing you admire, local orchestras (Meridian Symphony, Boise Philharmonic, Boise Baroque, etc).


    When you call/email your prospective teacher, some questions to ask may include:

    1) Are they accepting new students, and what are the available times? 

    2) Where do they teach?

    3) What are their rates?

    4) Experience and Education?

    5) Do they do "trial" lessons or take students for a trial period before formally joining the studio?

    6) If they cannot take a new student right now, can they recommend someone?


    If you have more than one musician, or multiple instruments, you may consider a music academy (bottom of the page) or music store studio.


    Be prepared to recieve information about important studio policies that your teacher will inform you of at your first lesson, including cancellations, rescheduling, and payment. 


    If your student and their teacher just aren't meshing well after a reasonable length of time, or if you have any questions or concerns, talk to the instructor and see what their perspective of the situation is and what ideas they have. They may even be able to recommend someone who might suit your student better. 


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