• 12 Tools for Life

    At BMSA, we teach and practice the TOOLBOX Tools, which are 12 tools that help us get through all our struggles, big and small.  These tools are beneficial to anyone, no matter the age.  Our staff has adopted these in their own lives and feel passionate about sharing these tools with the students.  

    The tools are actually already inside of us.  When we teach and practice tools, we are bringing awareness to an ability inherent to all of us.  When we talk about using the Tools, we become aware of their power in solving problems and handling difficulties.  Because the tools are within everyone, each student gains confidence and independence through our discussion of the Tools.  

    We've begun a library here for parents to learn more about each tool.  We will be adding more to our library soon, so check back often if you're hungry for more.  

     The 12 Tools Poster