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Interactive Notebook (INB)

  • INTERACTIVE NOTEBOOK- This powerpoint contains All NOTES, Lab activity examples, and the Table of Contents.


Unit 2 - Table of Contents

  • pg. 89: Predator-Prey Lab (see Hare & lynx document)

    pg. 90: Ecology notes (see fill in the blank notes & ppt)

    pg. 91: Symbiosis Challenge (see symbiosis document)

    pg. 92: Managing Mosquitoes (see Managing Mosquitoes reading & ppt slide 41)

    pg. 93: Trophic Level Model (see ppt slides 42-43)

    pg. 94: Niche Game (see niche game document)

    pg. 95: Carbon Cycle notes (see Carbon diagram)

    pg. 96: Nitrogen Cycle notes (see Nitrogen diagram)

    pg. 97: Nitrogen Cycle Activity (see nitrogen cycle activity document) 

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