• How to Support Warrior Football

    West Ada School District considers sports as an "extra-curricular activities", which means the cost to play is funded by player dues/fees and fundraising.  The Football Program is completely self-supporting.  Gate receipts account for only 20 percent of the money needed to run the Football Program. The rest of the needed funds are raised by Warrior Football through these activities: Advertising/Sponsorships, Registration Dues and Fundraising Activities. 

    “When necessary, all activity or program participants will be expected to fund raise or make a personal payment for fees in lieu of fundraising.” - Joint District #2 – Policy Title Fundraising Activities.


    The Warrior Football Boosters administer the Advertising/Sponsorship program.  Parents and players can earn a commission per sponsorship or banner sold to assist/offset/pay their player Football Registration Dues.  Any questions email us at: Sponsorship@meridianwarriorfootball.com