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    Text from the MFB website:

    The success of the Meridian Food Bank depends on our volunteers. We need people to help distribute food, pick up and organize donations, register and check-in clients, warehouse workers and more! If you are interested in volunteering, please select from the two options below. Once you fill out an online form and submit it a Meridian Food Bank representative will contact you regarding your application.

    MFB Volunteer Form

    MFB Short-Term Volunteer Form


    Text from the IHS website:

    It’s easy to start helping out! Below are the minimum requirements to become an IHS volunteer:

    • Must be 12 years of age or older. (Ages 12 to 15 must train and volunteer alongside an adult volunteer.)
    • Must include an email address so you can receive communication from the volunteer office.
    • Watch the online kennel and/or cattery videos and complete quiz
    • Must care about the welfare of animals.
    • People with special needs are welcome to volunteer accompanied by their caregiver who meets the requirements of an IHS volunteer and has also completed the volunteer application, online orientation, and any additional classes needed to volunteer. 

    IHS Volunteer Form