• Submissions

    For now, I am trying out students submitting their weekly vocabulary sentences online if they wish (See link below).  I hope to expand this option for paragraph writing.  This is not required as homework, but if students wish to do this at home, they may.  Vocabulary sentences can also be turned in on paper.



    Choose five vocabulary words and write a creative sentence for each word (not a definition) that shows you know the meaning of the word.

    Example: My principal makes sure we are all safe and learning at school.

    Nonexamples: I like my principal. (Doesn't show full understanding of the word) or A principal is in charge of a school. (Definition)


    Please use proper punctuation and spelling. This week's words are:

    1. peak 2. altitude 3. urban 4. suburban 5. rural 6. government

    Link to submit online: Vocabulary Sentences.  (Microsoft Forms)