Extracurricular F Policy

  • Each week an F report is generated by the Activites/Athletics Director and sent to each in sesssion Head Coach, Advisor and Vice Principal.

    If a student has an F on the day that the list is generated, they are considered ineligible to participate in ALL extra-curricular activities/athletics until they have a grade of D or better in the specific class and all their classes.  

    Each Coach, Advisory and Vice Principal keep their F reports and marks students off of the list.

    A student becomes eligible to participate in an extracurricular when either:

    1. A PowerSchool print off is given to the Coach, Advisor or Vice Principal OR the teacher write the student a note stating thay they have a "D" or better in that class and the note is given to a Coach, Advisor or Vice Principal.
    2. When there are multiple weeks in between assignments/test where a student cannot improve their grade, the instructor may sign off on the student after the student has served one week suspension of activities/athletics AND qualify work, effort and tutoring has taken place in that class. 
    3. If a student feels there is an extraordinary circumstance they can request a review from their grade level Vice Principal.  If they Vice Principal approved the request, the Teacher, COach and Student-athlete will be notified.