School Day SAT

  • ALL Juniors/11th graders will take the

    School Day SAT on April 13, 2022.


    All high school students are required to take a college entrance exam to meet graduation requirements.  CHS Juniors are automatically signed up to take the SAT this exam for FREE.  

    Reminders for CHS Students:

    • You must be at school by 7:30 amDoors will be LOCKED AT 8:00 am. You will not be admitted after this.
    • You must show ID (driver's license or school ID) to your testing proctor.
    • You need to bring #2 pencils (no mechanical).
    • You need a CollegeBoard approved calculator! CollegeBoard's SAT calculator policy can be found HERE.
    • Reminder: This is a graduation requirement!


    Test Prep. Booklets: SAT test preparation booklets were distributed to 11th graders during course selection before spring break.  If you are still in need of a test prep. booklet, they are available in the Career Center for pick-up at no cost.

    Room Assignments: SAT testing will take place on the 2nd floor of the main building. Room Assignments for testing are posted throughout school near the Counseling Office, bus entrance/east entrance and upstairs outside the Library.  Students should know their classroom number/location prior to test day. 

    Start Time: Classrooms will be open at 7:30am and doors will LOCK at 8:00pm. Late students will NOT be permitted entry into classrooms. 

    End Time: The SAT lasts 180 minutes without breaks.  Students are expected to complete their exam around 11:30am.  Once the entire classroom has completed this timed exam, the students assigned to the classroom will be dismissed.

    Snacks & Water: Snacks will be available for students and provided by CHS. Students with allergies or picky eaters should bring extra snacks.  Students are encouraged to bring a reusable water bottle for testing. 

    Smart Phones & Watches: Smart phones and smart watches are NOT permitted in testing rooms. We strongly encourage students to leave these devices at home or in their cars during testing because they will be confiscated by proctors during testing. 

    Backpacks, bags and purses: Backpacks, bags and purses are NOT permitted in testing rooms, please leave these items at home or in vehicles.

    Breakfast/Lunch: Breakfast and lunch will not be available.

School Day SAT Transportation TBD

SAT: Subject Tests & Optional Essay

  • CollegeBoard will no longer offers SAT subject tests or the optional essay as of June 2021.  If you are interested in completing a college entrance exam in a particular subject area, we recommend the ACT.  Click here for more information!

SAT Scores

  • SAT Scores are available through the College Board website. Follow the instructions below to access them.

    1. Go to and create an account if you have not created one already.

    2. Click on SAT

    3. If it tells the student that they have no scores: Click "Get Scores" and fill out the form using their registration numer (can be found on your testing ticket).

    • If the student no longer has their registration number they can contact their counselor by email and she will give it to them.
    • Once the registration number and other information has been provided, scores should come up.

    4. Reminder a perfect score is 1600. A perfect score in each area is 800. They are no longer counting the writing unless the college you are attending wants it.

    5. If you have questions please contact your counselor.