• Bus Stop Locator Instructions

    The Bus Stop Locator has two search options: Simple Search and Advanced Search.  Most families will use the simple search portal to obtain bus stop information.  Simple search requires the grade of the student and the student's complete address. 

    *TIP* The vast majority of problems experienced by patrons using the portal are due to entering incorrect or incomplete home address information.  House number, complete street name, and zip code are all required.  Street names must include the NSEW directional, the correctly-spelled street name, and the street indicator (Dr, Pl, Ct, Way, Ave, ETC.) Example - 101 N Meridian Rd 83642.  If you have any questions about the address being entered please visit the Ada County Assessor's Property Search tool which will display the correctly-recorded address.

    The bus stop locator portal does not display information for students utilizing specialized transportation on an IEP or 504.  This includes all students attending Rebound School of Opportunity and Achievement House.  For that information please contact Cascade Student Transportation directly or visit your student's Powerschool profile.

    Use the information below to determine which portal option is appropriate to your situation:

    My student attends their home school (the school whose primary boundary encompasses your home):

    Use the simple search portal to find your bus stop location and times.

    My student attends a daycare inside their school's boundary:

    Use the simple search portal to find your bus stop location and times.

    My student rides a shuttle from their home school to their alternate school of attendance(School of Choice):

    Use the simple search portal to determine the bus stop location and times from student's address to home school.  Then use the shuttle information page to determine the shuttle from home school to school of choice.  Not all students who attend a "school of choice" qualify for busing.  If your destination school is not listed among the choices, busing is not available. 

    The general rule of thumb is: high school students shuttle to any school other than their home school, middle school students are only shuttled to Crossroads and Pathways (with a couple boundary exceptions listed below), and elementary students are only shuttled to Barbara Morgan STEM, Christine Donnell SA, and any GT program.

    My student attends one of the following Schools of Choice:

    Chaparral Elementary, Chief Joseph SA, Eagle Elementary SA, Pioneer SA, Galileo STEM, Seven Oaks Elementary, Spalding STEM, Summerwind STEM, 

    Crossroads MS in the Lake Hazel MS boundary, Pathways MS in the Eagle MS or Star MS boundary

    Use the advanced search portal to find your bus stop location and times

    My address has been assigned a different home school due to home school overcrowding:

    (Students rezoned to Discovery ES, Paramount ES, and Ponderosa ES) Use the advanced search portal to find your bus stop location and times.  

    *IMPORTANT* Use "Public" instead of "Open Enrollment/Choice" when selecting the Program.  Students inside the Hunter Walkzone will meet bus C04 at Hunter to shuttle to Paramount at 8:45AM.

    Advanced Search Portal Instructions

    From the simple search portal:

    Click the "Advanced Search" link on the top left corner of the page

    Advanced Search 1

    Once inside the Advanced Search portal select your student's grade and school name from the dropdown options.

    Then select "Open Enrollment/Choice" as the program option.

    Lastly, enter your student's home address in the "Home Address" bar.

    (Do not use the Pickup/Dropoff Address bars)

    Advanced Search