Color(s): Red 

    Cold Drink(s): Lemonade and any flavor of juice

    Hot Drink: Tea (orange spice, mint, English breakfast)

    Restaurant(s): Johnny Carinos or Fiesta Guadalajara 

    Places to Shop: Old Navy and Lakeshore Learning Store

    Flower(s): Roses and tulips

    Candy/Sweets: ALL sour candy

    Scent: Lavender

    Snacks: Popcorn

    Fruit: Green apple (with cheddar cheese)

    Holiday: Valentine's Day (My birthday too!)

    Hobby: Reading

    Sports Team: Boise State

    Animal: Bears

    Music: Anything 90s

    Dislikes: Mushrooms and seafood

    Allergies: I do not eat gluten. I am gluten free.