Thank You
  • Throughout the year we will be using various supplies in our lab and classroom.  Anything you are willing to donate will be greatly appreciated!

    ♥ Organs from hunted/butchered animals - hearts, lungs, trachea, liver, kidneys, pluck (trachea, lungs and heart all attached) We could still use any you may have to freeze for next year.

    ♥ Frozen whole chicken wings (not winglets and not sauces, please) for dissecting to see skeletal and muscular systems

    ♥ Individually Wrapped Candy

    ♥ Glue

    ♥ Dry Erase Markers (not yellow or orange as they don't show up on desks)

    ♥ Kleenex

    Please be sure to check back for future needs.  I will delete items as we get enough.  Thank you!