• What is  ELA?

    English Language Arts (ELA) is a course which emphasizes improving skills in reading and writing.


    Students will read a variety of fiction, nonfiction, short stories, poems, etc. throughout the year while practicing and perfecting reading skills such as inferencing, determining author’s purpose, determining theme and central idea.  Students will also be able to provide evidence text from the text to support analysis.


    There will multiple writings including informational writing, argumentative writing, and narrative writing.  Throughout the year, students will have multiple opportunities to demonstrate correct sentence and paragraph structure as well as command of proper grammar, spelling and punctuation.



    Classwork: The items that are marked as classwork are done in-class only.

    Quizzes:  Skills check-ins that allow students to demonstrate understanding of skills.

    Projects:  Work that may take multiple days to complete.  Projects will require some homework for completion.

    Assessments:  Tests that happen at the end of each unit. 

    Homework Policy

    Students will have homework for this class.  Typically, class time will be offered to work on assignments, but it is expected that students take their unfinished work as homework.  It is also expected that students read at least 20 minutes each night.