• Important Websites


    We will be using the following websites all year. Make sure you have your usernames and passwords written down somewhere you won't forget. Some of these sites do not need usernames or passwords. FIND CODES ON YOUR SYLLABUS!!!! SYLLABUS CAN BE FOUND IN TEAMS. 


     Microsoft Teams: All students are already registered in one of my Microsoft Teams. Make sure you log into Teams ASAP to make sure you are in my Team and take a look at how it is set up. When you log into Teams, you should see the Spanish tile. I will be posting all classwork here. You will also be turning all work in Teams. We will also be meeting as a class in Teams until we go back to in-person learning. 


    Flipgrid: Flipgrid is an easy site to record videos and share them with me and/or other students. The code for each Flipgrid will be posted on Teams. Click on the assignment, read the instructions and rubric. Practice several times what you want to say and record. You can re-record as many times as you want. 


    Conjuguemos: You will be doing grammar activities and games here. You can re-do the activities as many times as you want until you get a desirable score. 



    Duolingo: I will post activities here as well. Make sure to complete assingments that you are given. This is a great site to just get extra practice as well. You can download the app which makes it even easier. 

    Quizlet: This is a great site to practice grammar and vocabulary with flashcards and games. You can also download an app for Quizlet as well. I will have you study vocabulary here.